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Besides translating, I also edit books written by others. I thought it a good idea to take a novel-writing course to argue better why a text 'didn't feel right.' Because of the assignments set in this course, an idea for a story started to form in my head. After much writing, rewriting, and fine-tuning, my first book was born: Bedrog, a chicklit with a surprising ending (currently only available in Dutch).

I have always been a fan of stories with an unexpected ending. This is why my second book is a collection of short stories. They may end slightly differently than you would expect. This book is called: Het Raam (currently only available in Dutch).

At this moment, I am writing a non-fiction book about London. I lived and worked in London for some time and visit this beautiful city regularly. In this book, I record all my knowledge and facts about London for visitors who have already seen all the major tourist attractions and want to learn more about London.

My books are published by CD publishers.

Stories about Liesbeth as writer

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I am a writer, but I also translate from English into Dutch. My specialisations are (English) history, and history of art and costumes.

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I write blogs about London, translating, writing and Zutphen.

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